Other products that work great with Daylite

Billings Pro

Now share data between two powerful business applications; Billings Pro and Daylite. Set-up your business in Daylite by creating clients, sales opportunities and projects then seamlessly import your data into Billings Pro to track time, send invoices and manage payments. Learn more

Direct Mail

Easily export Daylite contacts into Direct Mail to create email campaigns. Keep your mailing lists up-to-date with your Daylite database and link sent email campaigns back to Daylite. Learn more


Send your Daylite contacts and groups directly into MailChimp via drag & drop for fast and simple email campaigns. Whether you're sending follow-ups, holiday offers or a monthly newsletter, MailChimp is a great tool to create quick and easy marketing campaigns. Unsubscribers will be removed from the Daylite group automatically. Learn more


Now on your Mac, iPhone & iPad, contact detail changes are pushed from Daylite to Contacts (for OS X Mountain Lion v10.8) and Address Book (for OS X Lion v10.7.5 or later). Changes will be always updated across all your devices. Learn more

Contacts & Calendar on Android

You can now use CardDAV and CalDAV applications to sync your contacts and events from Daylite seamlessly with native apps on the Android Device. Your Daylite address book and contacts are now even more accessible across multiple devices. Learn more


Daylite now works with Cobook on your Mac. Add your Daylite contacts to Cobook via CardDAV for easy accessibility to all your contacts. Learn more

Daylite AB Menu

A convenient and intuitive way to utilize your Daylite address book data through a system wide menu. DayliteABMenu provides quick access to your contacts' phone numbers, email, postal addresses and URLs. Learn more


Integrate your inbound and outbound calls with Daylite. For inbound calls, know who you're talking to before picking up by viewing a complete communication history. Take notes during phone calls then link with them with your contacts. Create or link calls to projects, notes, tasks, forms and opportunities directly from the call window. Easily create follow-ups right after the call so you don't have to worry about it later. Learn more


WebConnector allows you to access the web from within Daylite. Monitor your contacts' websites, blogs and social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) or check their current address details on the web to keep your database up-to-date. No need to open any browsers. Integrate web based project management or collaboration with a specific opportunity in project or opportunity in Daylite. Learn more


Planning any upcoming business trips? GeoFind now works with Daylite to help you search your Daylite contacts within up to a 50km radius of where you will be travelling. Use this feature to plan multiple client visits to get more out of your business trips. Includes all the great features of Google Maps! Learn more


Duplicate your appointments in Daylite. Create a new appointment for an existing task. Send tasks and appointments over email with free configurable templates that can easily be edited. ProductivityTools extends Daylite features to improve your workflow. Learn more


Life gets hectic and business plans can sometimes overlap with personal commitments. Stay organized by viewing all your calendars within Daylite. Subscribe to Calendar or Google and view your personal calendar alongside your business calendar. Likewise, you can now publish your Daylite calendar to Calendar or other devices such as your iPhone or iPad. Learn more


A calendar interface that's a pleasure to use now works with Daylite. Fantastical's natural language engine is expressive and intelligent so you can write in your own style. Adding a meeting tomorrow with Dave at the Hilton, London to your Daylite schedule has never been easier. Just type, "meeting Dave at Hilton in London tomorrow" and Fantastical will put your appointment right into your Daylite calendar. It also automatically recognizes information such as your location and can invite people from your Address Book at the same time. Learn more

Google Calendar

View your own, your families or colleagues published calendars from within Daylite. The ability to see multiple calendars overlaid in Daylite can help in avoid double bookings. Learn more


When you're on the go, ask Siri to create a task that then pushes to the Reminders app on your iOS device. Reminders can be configured to integrate with Daylite so tasks from your worklist and inbox are now shared directly with the reminders app on your iOS and Mac. Learn more


Connect the power of Merlin and Daylite and distribute work among your resources in Daylite from planned projects in Merlin. The leading professional project management application for the Mac now integrates directly with Daylite to save you time and avoid double entry. Send milestones and activities from Merlin to Daylite as appointments or tasks and update them in Merlin when finished. The integration gives you access to the power of Merlin to professionally manage projects while sharing Daylite's shared calendar and other great business tools. Learn more

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Phone Amego

A friendly app to make integrating your phones and your Mac easier. E-mail is the growing form of communication, but phone calls still need to be made. Make your Mac a mini call centre by monitor and controlling your calls. Learn more


Import your Wufoo online forms into Daylite with Wufoo Connector. Wufoo is a form building service hosted in the cloud that allows you to create and customize forms and get this…without coding! Embed Wufoo forms into your website and then use WufooConnector to sync with Daylite to trigger actions like creating contacts, delegating tasks and more! Learn more


Dialectic is a highly versatile telephony tool that unites your Mac, data and phones — mobile, landline & VoIP — enabling you to be more productive. Learn more


Create and customize reports to print your history and activities of companies, people and even projects and opportunities in Daylite with ReportSuite. Print out a customized report of your work for a client including specific appointments, tasks, e-mails, projects or opportunities. Learn more


Connect MoneyWorks Datacentre and Daylite 4. Import your customer/supplier records in bulk from MoneyWorks into Daylite. Update MoneyWorks in real time when the contact information changes in Daylite. MoneyWorks will reflect the change in the contact details with no data re-entry. See live MoneyWorks customer financial and transactional information in a Daylite “Dashboard”. See transaction and payment history, order information and account status information from MoneyWorks live in Daylite. All the information you need about your customers at your fingertips, without needing to physically access MoneyWorks. Learn more


Daylite assists you to plan and monitor your projects. Based on the Daylite data, Time&Budget gives you additional control over the times and costs of your projects. With Time&Budget you can see which tasks generate which costs, how much time and effort are used for which projects and which billable services have ben performed for a given project. Learn more


Want to print an organized list view of your information in Daylite? Create a list view from the information you select in Daylite that you can save as a preset and print. The plug-in contains a list print layout for several persons, companies, projects and opportunities. This is a great tool for printing out and viewing a report of your projects or opportunities in Daylite, or for having an organized list of your contacts and companies. ListprintSuite makes it possible to print multiple objects in Daylite at once. Learn more


Send SMS text messages from Daylite to one or more contacts at a time. Using templates and merge keys you can send mass text messages to your Daylite contacts that automatically pull their info into the text message. Then view the text messages in your Daylite contact history.

For more information about this plug-in, visit iOSXpert’s website.


Log inbound and outbound calls without needing telephony integration. Delegate call-backs to your team and links phone calls to Daylite records. Fill out forms right from the CallNotes window

To learn more about this plug-in, visit iOSXpert’s website.

Daylite API

If you're interested in developing a Daylite add-on you can learn more on our API page. Learn more